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Discover solar roofing with style! 1st Choice Roofing, in partnership with RGS Energy, offers sleek RGS POWERHOUSE™ solar shingles. Enjoy energy savings in Hudson, FL, without compromising your home’s aesthetic.



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Y'all. I can't gush about these gentlemen enough! They took so much time and care on our home!! They fixed eeeeeeeverything, even if it wasn't necessarily part of the contract. They did the right thing, every single time. They were VERY conscientious about the shrapnel strewn about the yeard!! They had tarps up to catch the fallout and were just wonderful when I asked what to do when I had to take my dog out. The gentleman came to the door with me and folded the debris in the tarp so that we could go out. In total, they were here less than a full working day. They are the masters of their craft! The only thing that held them back was the permit approval and that has no reflection on them. This doesn't mean that they fly through jobs to get done quickly, again, they are MASTERS of their craft. We invited them in for lunch before they left and it was just wonderful. If you don't feed and/or tip the person that is roofing your home, you're doing it wrong. Think about it. It's the roof over your head. I don't believe that any form of appreciation would influence their work but dang, it sure does feel nice to be appreciated. I RARELY give 5* reviews, but this company deserves it.
Benjamin E
Benjamin E
They did an amazing job. Danny, Michael, Ryan, Tom, and Courtney were fantastic with timely communication and the roof looks great!
Cheryl Stone
Cheryl Stone
I've used 1st choice before for repairs but now, I've just had a new roof put on. I highly recommend them. Everything went smoothly from start to finish. Very professional. Roof looks great. Courtney in the office is great to work with. She makes everything easy and she is very accommodating. She even forwarded all documents to my insurance company. I would definitely use this company again, if need be.
Derek O
Derek O
First Choice Roofing has provided an excellent experience. They are professional and deliver high-quality work. The customer service is outstanding, and their workers are both precise and clean. I received a quality roof along with quality service. Do not hesitate to hire this company to install your roof. Thank you!
Preston Robinson
Preston Robinson
The roof needed to be repaired after strong winds. First Choice Roofing fixed my shingle roof and leaky flat roof quickly. They inspected everything and gave great maintenance guidance. They are complete professionals with 20 years of experience in both residential and commercial roofing, and they are licensed in Florida!
J Koz
J Koz
Highly professional operation. Extremely hard working crew No question, everyone knew what they were doing. Danny explained all the steps involved. Courtney fielded numerous phone calls from my wife and I and was knowledgeable, professional and pleasant to converse with! We felt comfortable with them right from the git-go! Location: Sterling Hill
L Kay
L Kay
My elderly parents had their roof replaced three years ago by a "reputable" local company. There was a persistent roof leak a few months after, and the company could not find the source, so pushed the blame off and basically washed their hands of it despite their warranty. Danny went over and found the source of the roof leak and had it fixed in under 30 minutes. So far no more leak even with the last several weeks of hard rain and wind. We are so thankful and my parents finally feel confident in getting their ceiling repaired and doing some work inside, now that they know the leak is taken care of. 1st Choice Roofing is definitely the best roof leak repair company in Spring Hill and Tampa Bay.
Stuie-not Stewie
Stuie-not Stewie
Did a great job. Everything worked out perfectly and they were quick.
David Feeney
David Feeney
Great experience and very happy with the final result. Pricing was not the lowest but the product quality and service was top notch! Courtney and Ryan were awesome to work with and the work crew did a fantastic job from prep to clean up. Five Stars!
Daniel ventrola
Daniel ventrola
What a great experience with this company. Danny’s crew came out and did a great job. Professional, courteous, and very clean after the job was done. Showed me rotted spots and replaced everything like it wasn’t there. Highly recommend this company, the house looks great. Thank you so much guys! Dan&Deb
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Solar Assessment

We assess your needs and property to tailor a solar solution.


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Our experts install RGS POWERHOUSE solar shingles efficiently.


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Enjoy immediate savings with our solar roofing solutions.

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How Solar Roofing Can Save You Money

  1. Reduced Energy Bill
  2. Energy Independence
  3. Tax Credits and Incentive
  4. Increased Home Value
  5. Long-Term Savings


FAQs for Solar Roofing

How do solar roofing systems work?

Solar roofing systems generate electricity by converting sunlight into energy through photovoltaic cells integrated into the roof. This clean energy can power your home and reduce electricity bills.

Solar roofing can be effective in various climates. While it thrives in sunny regions, even areas with moderate sunlight can benefit from solar energy. Our experts can assess your specific situation.

Solar roofs are designed to last for decades, often matching the lifespan of traditional roofing materials like asphalt shingles. They typically come with warranties that ensure long-term performance.

Savings vary based on factors like system size, location, and energy consumption. Many homeowners experience significant reductions in their monthly electricity costs, and some even eliminate them entirely.

Yes, solar roofs are an eco-friendly choice. They reduce your carbon footprint by producing clean energy and contribute to a sustainable future. Additionally, they are recyclable at the end of their lifespan.

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